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ImageFocus Stacking software DC.1315

The program has been designed to use in combination with optical microscopes. It combines a series of photos taken from an object at different focal planes to one fully focussed picture with an enlarged depth of focus


  • user friendly
  • automatic alignment of the images (very important with use of stereo microscopes)
  • unlimited number of pictures can be processed
  • no limitation to resolution of the images
  • 'dust map' function for automatic correction of dust on optics of the system
  • automatic brightness correction for following images
  • supports 8 bit and 16 bit RAW, TIFFs, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP formats
  • save in 8 bit en 16 bit RAW, TIFFs, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP formats
  • supports adding text to pictures
The ImageFocus Stacking PRO software can only be used with an USB-2 license dongle
How to use?
Take a number of pictures of your subject at different focus points using the “interval capture” of “multi click” mode of ImageFocus®
Load the pictures into the ImageFocus® Stacking software and click “Start processing” to combine the pictures to one image with an amazing sharpness of depth

The ImageFocus® Stacking software has become indispensable in modern microscopy for a large number of applications.

Compatible with WIndows XP and Windows 7

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