Standard models with wide field WF10x/18 mm eyepieces. The B+ series come with wide field WF10x/20 mm eyepieces. The eyepiece of monocular models can be supplied with a pointer

All heads are 360° rotatable and equipped with 30° inclined tubes. Tube length 160 mm. Binocular and trinocular models are equipped with a diopter ± 5 adjustment on left eyepiece. The interpupillary distance is adjustable between 48 to 76 mm. The B series can also be supplied with a discussion head

Standard models with revolving and reversed quadruple nosepiece, the B+ series have quintuple reversed nosepiece


A large range of semi plan, plan, semi plan phase, plan phase or plan IOS 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, S40x/0.65 and S100x oil immersion objectives can be supplied with the B and B+ series. All S40x, S60x and S100x oil immersion objectives are spring loaded. All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput


Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments, 200 graduations, 1 µm per graduation, 200 µm per rotation, total travel approximately 23 mm. Supplied with an adjustable rack stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives. The coarse adjustments are equipped with friction control

125 x 135 mm with mechanical 75 x 35 mm X-Y translation stage and Vernier scale. Removable specimen holder. Stages with heating elements and temperature PID controller are also available on demand


Height adjustable Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder. Models for phase contrast with references 86.3xx are supplied with a Zernike disc condenser with phase contrast rings for 10/20/S40x and S100x phase contrast objectives. Models for phase contrast with references 86.4xx are supplied with a slider with phase ring for S40x phase contrast objective. The condenser additionally includes a BF position for Bright Field microscopy

The 86.091-DFLED model is supplied with an oil immersion condenser with cardioid mirrors, a 5 W integrated NeoLED™ illumination and a S100x objective with built-in iris diaphragm for real 1000x darkfield applications

Darkfield contrast is typically used for unstained samples. The image seen has the appearance of a dark, almost black background with highlighted bright objects on it, producing very recognizable, often even called spectacular images. These objects, because they are unstained, are hard to see with brightfield contrast. The applications are mostly biological samples, smears from tissue culture or water-borne, single-celled organisms In the past darkfield microscopy was limited due low light levels seen in image. Euromex has overcome this issue by developing very strongly illumination methods, without causing damage to the samples. A 5 W build in high power LED is used to power the special designed cardioid-shaped lens condenser system. Combined with a special 100x objective with built-in iris diafragm for extra contrast this system is unique in its class

The microscopes of the B and B+ series are equipped with either a 1 W LED adjustable illumination system for increased light output with 3 rechargeable batteries or a 20 W 6 V halogen adjustable illumination system. All models have an integrated power supply for cordless operation. 110 and 230 V mains versions available

Supplied with power cord, dust cover, a spare fuse, user manual and 5 ml immersion oil for models with S100x objective. Models with a 20W halogen illumination are supplied with a spare bulb and a blue filter, models with 1 W LED illumination are supplied with a white filter. All packed in a polystyrene box

(Photo: Optional aluminium transport case (86.970)