• Binocular and trinocular models
  • WF10x/22 mm eyepieces
  • Reversed quintuple nosepiece
  • Plan M-IOS objectives
  • Polarizer and analyzer
  • Integrated mechanical stage
  • Reflected NeoLED illumination

B+ series (materials science)

MODELS Binocular Trinocular Transmitted 20 W halogen illumination Transmitted illumination LED Reflected illumination NeoLED  

Wide field WF10x/22mm eyepieces

Binocular and trinocular Siedentopf models have 30° inclined tubes. Interpupillary distance of 48 to 75 mm and diopter adjustment on left eyepiece

Revolving quintuple reversed nosepiece on ball-bearings

Standard equipped with infinity corrected achromatic DIN plan M-IOS 5x/0.12, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, 50x/0.70 IOS objectives. Optional plan M-IOS 80x/0.80 and 100x/0.85 DIN IOS objective are also available. All optics have an anti-reflection coating for maximum light throughput and are anti-fungus treated

Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments, 200 graduations, 1 μm per graduation, 200 μm per rotation, total travel approximately 23 mm. Supplied with an adjustable rack stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives. The coarse adjustments are equipped with friction control

Integrated 125 x 135 mm stage with 75 x 35 mm X-Y mechanical stage. Double nonius 0.1mm

Height adjustable Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder


• Transmitted intensity adjustable NeoLED illumination with 110-240 V internal power supply /charger and 3 NiMH AA batteries or 20 W halogen illumination with internal power supply (110 V and 230 V versions available)

• Reflected intensity adjustable 3W NeoLED Köhler illumination with external power supply, push-pull type rotatable polarizer and push-pull analyzer, built-in condenser with iris diaphragm and field iris diaphragm. Integrated rotating filter disc with green, blue, yellow and white filters

(Photo: left push-pull polarizer and analyzer, right reflected illumination)

Supplied with power cord, dust cover, a spare fuse and user manual. Models with a 20 W halogen illumination are supplied with a spare bulb and a blue filter. All packed in a polystyrene box

86.527 86.527
Plan PL-M 5x/0.10 infinity corrected IOS objective. Long working distance 26.1 mm
86.529 86.529
Plan PL-M 10x/0.25 infinity corrected IOS objective. Long working distance 20.2 mm
86.531 86.531
Plan PL-M 20x/0.40 infinity corrected IOS objective. Long working distance 8.8 mm
86.535 86.535
Plan PL-M 50x/0,70 infinity corrected IOS objective. Long working distance 3.68 mm
No image 86.538
Plan PL-M 80x/0.80 infinity corrected IOS objective. Long working distance 1.25 mm
86.539 86.539
Plan PL-M 100x/0.85 infinity corrected IOS objective Long working distance 0.4 mm
86.172 86.172
darkfield stop to be placed in filter holder. Suitable for objectives from 10x up to S40x
86.820 86.820
SLR camera adapter with 2.5x and 4x magnification lenses
86.889 86.889
Spare halogen bulb 6 Volt 20 Watt
86.101 86.101
Spare 1W LED module
AE.1110 AE.1110
Stage 76 x 26 mm micrometer slide, 1 mm divided in 100 parts, 10 µm per division
AE.1111 AE.1111
Stage micrometer 2 mm divided in 200 parts, 10 µm per division
AE.5130 AE.5130
Universal SLR-adapter with built-in 2x lens for standard 23.2 mm tube. Needs T2 adapter
AE.5040 AE.5040
T2 ring for Canon EOS SLR-digital camera
AE.5025 AE.5025
T2 ring for Nikon D SLR-digital camera
AE.5202 AE.5202
Blue filter, 32 mm diameter
AE.5203 AE.5203
Yellow filter, 32 mm diameter
AE.5204 AE.5204
Neutral grey filter, 32 mm diameter
AE.5205 AE.5205
Green filter, 32 mm diameter
AE.5207 AE.5207
Blue filter plexiglass, 32 mm diameter
AE.5227 AE.5227
Glass fuses 1A 250V, 10 pieces
AE.5365 AE.5365
Eyecup for Ø 28 mm eyepieces. Not foldable
PB.5155 PB.5155
Microscope slides 76 x 26 mm, ground edges, 50 pieces per pack
PB.5165 PB.5165
Cover glasses 18 x 18 mm, 0.13-0.17 mm, 100 pieces
PB.5168 PB.5168
Cover glasses 22 x 22 mm, 0.13-0.17 mm. 100 pieces
PB.5245 PB.5245
Lens cleaning paper, 100 sheets per pack
PB.5255 PB.5255
Immersion oil, 25 ml. Refraction index n = 1.482
PB.5274 PB.5274
Iso propyl alcohol 99%, 200 ml
PB.5275 PB.5275
Cleaning kit: lens fluid, lint free lens tissue paper, brush, air blower, cotton swabs
86.575 86.575
Wide field eyepiece HWF 10x/20 mm
No image 86.573
Wide field eyepiece WF 15x/12 mm
80.882 80.882
Wide field eyepiece WF 20x/10 mm
86.851 86.851
Polarizing attachment B- and B-plus series with halogen illumination
No image 86.852
Polarizing attachment for B- and B-plus series with LED illumination
86.860 86.860
Köhler diaphragm with centring, to be mounted on lamp house . Only suitable for models with halogen illumination