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Miscellaneous accessories

MODELS Content Other  
EPB‑5200 Staining trough for 10 slides
EPB‑5210 Fine pointed brush
EPB‑5245 Lens cleaning paper 100 sheets per pack
EPB‑5250 Solid paraffin 200 gram packed Melting point 60°C
EPB‑5255 Immersion oil In bottle (25 ml) refractive index nD = 1.482
EPB‑5265 Entellan, quick drying Canada balsam In bottle (25 ml)
EPB‑5274 Isopropyl alcohol 99% In bottle (200 ml)
EPB‑5277 Formalin 40%, fixing agent In bottle (200 ml)
EPB‑5275 Cleaning kit See 'Specifications'
EPB‑5276 Maintenance and servicing kit
See 'Specifications'

Cleaning kit
The set includes:
Lens cleaning fluid
Lint free lens tissue
Air blower
Cotton swabs


Microscope maintenance and servicing kit, 16 pieces in toolbox
The set includes:
Cleaning brush
6 pcs screwdriver set
Air blower
3 pcs Allen key, 1.5, 2, 2.5 mm
Lens cleaning fluid 20 ml
Cleaning cloth 140 x 140 mm
100 pcs Lens tissue sheets
Tube of maintenance grease
10 ml bottle of oil
Packed in a nice toolbox