• 10-PC Professional slide preparation kit
  • Superior quality
  • Supplied with plastic deluxe case
  • Kit with slides and dissection instruments
  • All our instruments are made from stainless steel

MODELS Dissection kit for Number of pieces Complete with Supplied with  
EPB‑5125 Professional use 10 3 prepared slides plastic deluxe case
E E E 2 slides with concavity (PB.5160) E  
E E E 50 slides (PB.5150) E  
E E E 100 cover glasses (PB.5165) E  
E E E Entellan (PB.5256) E  
E E E dissecting needle with straight tip (PB.5050) E  
E E E dissecting needle with lancet-shaped (PB.5054) E  
E E E dissecting forceps with sharp tips (PB.5067) E  
E E E dissecting scissors with sharp tips (PB.5084) E  
E E E scalpel with blunt tip (PB.5092) E  

Kit with 3 prepared slides, 2 microscope slides with concavity (PB.5160), 50 microscope slides (PB.5150) and 100 cover glasses (PB.5165). Entellan (PB.5256), dissecting needle with straight tip and plastic handle (PB.5050), dissecting needle with lancet-shaped and plastic handle (PB.5054), dissecting forceps with sharp tips (PB.5067), dissecting scissors with sharp tips (PB.5084) and scalpel with blunt tip (PB.5092). All our superior quality instruments are made from stainless steel. Supplied with plastic deluxe case