• Intensity adjustable LED ring light
  • Removable polarizer/analyzer
  • 5 Degree read-out
  • Designed to reduce unwanted glare and reflections
  • Highlights details and structures in the samples
  • Control over polarization direction
  • Accepts 35 to 62 mm stereo heads

Benefits polarizing led ring light:

The polarized ring light minimizes unwanted glare and reflections from shiny or reflective surfaces, such as glass or metal. By controlling the polarization direction, you can effectively eliminate or significantly reduce these distracting elements, allowing for clearer visualization of the specimen. This helps to highlight specific details and structures in the sample, making them more visible and easier to observe


The first image is made without, the second one with polarized light

High power LEDs, 16 pcs

Color temperature
6500-7500 K, white

Light intensity
0% - 100% adjustable

Light power
≥ 44000 lux @ 100 mm

Environment temperature 
0 - 40° Celsius

20 - 80% RH

LED life span L70
Typical 30,000 hours (according to lumen depreciation L70 IEC 62722-2-1)

Working distance
40 - 120 mm 

Power supply
100 - 240 Vac / 24 V dc

Accepts 35 - 62 mm stereo heads 

Weight (g)

Black oxide aluminum