• Binocular and trinocular models
  • Reversed quadruple nosepiece
  • Plan and plan IOS objectives
  • Finity and infinity optical system
  • Integrated mechanical stage
  • NeoLED™ illumination
  • Ergonomic carrying grip


MODELS Binocular Trinocular 4x/10x/S40x/S100x plan objectives 4x/10x/S40x/S100x plan IOS objectives 10x/20x/S40x/S100x plan phase IOS objectives Rackless mechanical stage NeoLED  

Wide field WF 10x/20 mm eyepieces


  • Binocular and trinocular models have 30° inclined Ø 30 mm tubes
  • The interpupillary distance is adjustable between 48 to 75 mm
  • All models have a ±5 diopter adjustment on left tube
  • All heads are 360° rotatable and secured with a screw
  • The trinocular head has a fixed light path beamsplitter (50:50) and generates an erect image

Reversed quadruple nosepiece on ball bearings. Slot for analyzer


  • BioBlue.Lab microscopes are equipped with plan, plan IOS, plan phase and plan phase IOS objectives
  • Optional 20x/0.40 and S60x/0.85 objectives are also available
  • The S40x, S60x and S100x objectives are spring loaded. 

All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput


  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments with 200 graduations
  • Precision 1.5 μm per graduation, 0.3 mm per rotation
  • Total travel approximately 28 mm
  • Supplied with an adjustable rack stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives
  • The coarse adjustments are equipped with friction control

Rackless 150 x 140 mm stage with mechanical 75 x 30 mm X-Y translation stage 


  • Height adjustable Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder. Supplied with white filter
  • Heigth adjustable Zernike phase contrast kit with PLPHi IOS objectives and rotating phase contrast disc with four annuli, centering telescope and green filter (see photo)



NeoLED-combinedBinocular and trinocular models are supplied with an adjustable 3 W NeoLED illumination system for increased light output
Power supply with integrated 100-240 Vac

The BioBlue.Lab weight is appr. 5.5 kg



from left to right: BB.9900 - AE.9919 - AE.9916

At the back of the microscope a Kensington Security Slot is placed, which can be used to secure the instrument from theft

Supplied with power cord, dust cover, a spare fuse, user manual and 5 ml immersion oil and white filter
All packed in a polystyrene box

PB.5276 PB.5276
Microscope maintenance and servicing kit, 16pcs: cleaning brush, 6 pcs screwdriver set, air blower, 3 pcs Allen key, 1.5, 2, 2.5 mm, lens cleaning fluid 20 ml, cleaning cloth 140 x 140 mm, 100 pcs Lens tissue sheets, tube of maintenance grease, 10 ml bottle of oil, packed in a nice toolbox
AE.5227 AE.5227
Glass fuses 1A 250V, 10 pieces
BB.6010 BB.6010
Wide field eyepiece WF10x/20 mm, Ø 30mm tube
BB.6015 BB.6015
Wide field eyepiece WF15x/15 mm, Ø 30mm tube
BB.6020 BB.6020
Wide field eyepiece WF20x/11 mm, Ø 30mm tube
BB.6110 BB.6110
Wide field micrometer eyepiece WF10x/20 mm with focusable lens, Ø 30mm tube
BB.6099 BB.6099
Pair of eyecups
BB.8804 BB.8804
Plan 4x/0.10 objective
BB.8810 BB.8810
Plan 10x/0.25 objective
BB.8820 BB.8820
Plan 20x/0.40 objective
BB.8840 BB.8840
Plan S40x/0.65 objective
BB.8860 BB.8860
Plan S60x/0.80 objective
BB.8800 BB.8800
Plan S100x/1.25 oil immersion objective
BB.7204 BB.7204
Plan infinity corrected 4x/0.10 IOS objective
BB.7210 BB.7210
Plan infinity corrected 10x/0.25 IOS objective
BB.7220 BB.7220
Plan infinity corrected 20x/0.40 IOS objective
BB.7240 BB.7240
Plan infinity corrected S40x/0.65 IOS objective
BB.7260 BB.7260
Plan infinity corrected S60x/0.80 IOS objective
BB.7200 BB.7200
Plan infinity corrected S100x/1.25 oil immersion IOS objective
BB.7710 BB.7710
Plan Phase infinity corrected 10x/0.25 IOS objective
BB.7720 BB.7720
Plan Phase infinity corrected 20x/0.40 IOS objective
BB.7740 BB.7740
Plan Phase infinity corrected 40x/0.65 IOS objective
BB.7700 BB.7700
Plan Phase infinity corrected 100x/1.25 IOS objective
BB.9732 BB.9732
Polaization filter Ø 32 mm. Fits in filter holder
BB.9880 BB.9880
Köhler attachment
AE.5130 AE.5130
Universal SLR-adapter with built-in 2x lens for standard 23.2 mm tube. Needs T2 adapter
AE.5025 AE.5025
T2 ring for Nikon D SLR-digital camera
AE.5040 AE.5040
T2 ring for Canon EOS SLR-digital camera
BB.9900 BB.9900
Aluminium transportation case
BB.9993 BB.9993
1 W NeoLED™ replacement unit
PB.5155 PB.5155
Microscope slides 76 x 26 mm, ground edges, 50 pieces per pack
PB.5168 PB.5168
Cover glasses 22 x 22 mm, 0.13-0.17 mm. 100 pieces
PB.5165 PB.5165
Cover glasses 18 x 18 mm, 0.13-0.17 mm, 100 pieces
PB.5245 PB.5245
Lens cleaning paper, 100 sheets per pack
PB.5255 PB.5255
Immersion oil, 25 ml. Refraction index n = 1.515
PB.5274 PB.5274
Iso propyl alcohol 99%, 200 ml
PB.5275 PB.5275
Cleaning kit: lens fluid, lint free lens tissue paper, brush, air blower, cotton swabs
PB.5157-B PB.5157-B
Microscope slides 76 x 26 mm, ground edges. Blue frosted side, 50 pieces per pack
PB.5157-W PB.5157-W
Microscope slides 76 x 26 mm, ground edges. White frosted side, 50 pieces per pack
AE.9919 AE.9919
Nylon bag for iScope, bScope, StereoBlue, Oxion and BioBlue.lab. 58(h) x 32(w) x 24(d)
AE.9916 AE.9916
Euromex dust cover extra-large (50 x 69 cm). For Bioblue trino, EcoBlue trino, BioBlue.Lab, Oxion, bScope, iScope, StereoBlue and NexiusZoom