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catalog2018The Euromex grand catalog 2018

This catalog features the newest microscopes and digital solutions of the  Euromex microscope collection

We would like to tempt you with a glossy catalog of innovative models and applications for education, laboratories and industry.

•  364 pages with featured products
•  for education, laboratories and industry
•  Including microscope guide to assist
•  Detailed descriptions of the models

Feel free to take a look and download. Or request it now from your Euromex Area Sales Manager through

Click, download and discover the Euromex catalog 2018; part 1 (education), part 2 (laboratories) and part 3 (industry) 

catalog-2018-Laboratories catalog-2018-Industry
part 1 (education) part 2 (laboratories)  part 3 (industry) 


The available product data sheets, manuals and photos can be found for each product in the 'Downloads' folder on the product specifications. If you do not find what you were looking for, please contact your Euromex Area Sales Manager