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Frequently asked questions

• Where can I buy Euromex microscopes and other optical instruments?
Globe | Euromex products are sold through authorized distributors all over the world and at www.globescientific.com. For a list of distributors please contact us! We are happy to introduce you to an authorized distributor near you

• How do I choose the right microscope?
Euromex offers a large range of microscope series and selecting the right microscope for your application might be challenging and time consuming. To simplify this process, we have taken three easy steps to help you find the right microscope for your specific application. Find your product in the markets, product, or application menu above and select. A list of recommended models for most common applications in education, laboratories and industry can simplify your selection. You can also easily select the product that is best suited for your application via the 'Microscope Selector' on the main page, by simply answering a mere few questions

If you need additional help, please contact us at 201.599.1400 or microscopes@globescientific.com

• What is the warranty period on Euromex microscopes?
An industry’s best 10-year warranty applies on Globe | Euromex microscopes

• How long will spare parts for my Euromex microscope be available?
Euromex strives to keep spare parts for all microscopes on stock for a period of 20 years

• I want to use the ImageFocus software with a camera. Do I have to purchase the software separately?
The ImageFocus software is free of charge. Downloads and updates are available on the website Euromex/downloads 

• Which software do I need for my camera?
You can find this information on Euromex/downloads 

• How can I login?
This functionality will be available soon for official Euromex distributors and agents

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If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your Area Sales manager at any time