• MonoZoom stand-alone digital microscope
  • Zoom from 0.7x up to 5x
  • 105 mm working distance
  • 110 mm working distance with 0.5x lens
  • Built-in incident LED ring light
  • Built-in 1080p 2 MP HD camera
  • HD 11.6 inch screen, -5° to 15°
  • Built-in mouse driven on-screen software
  • Conveniently build-in capture button
  • Removable 32 GB memory stick
  • Metal stand

Model Optical magnification Working distance Built-in camera sensor Built-on Screen* Illumination Stand (mm)  
EMZ‑5000 0.7 to 5x 105 and 110 mm** 2 MP CMOS, 1920 x 1080 11.6 inch Built-in LED ring light 320 x 260  

* an external HDMI screen can be connected to the EMZ-5000 instead of the built-on screen
** 110 mm working distance in conjunction with the supplied 0.5x additional lens

The Digital MacroZoom EMZ-5000 features a single zoom objective with a 0.7 to 5x zoom magnification. Zoom adjustment engravings on 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5x. The working distance is 105 mm. Supplied with a 0.5x additional lens with a working distance of 110 mm

The Central Zoom Objective with attached screen and LED ring light is mounted on a rack and pinion system that sits on a large 320 x 260 mm metal stand. Travel range is 225 mm

A supplied 5,500 K LED ring light with 56 LED’s can be mounted under the microscope body. The intensity is adjustable 

Built-in HD 1080p high definition 2 MP CMOS high speed camera, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 60 fps with attached 11.6“ screen. The standard field of view is 29.8 to 4.18 and with the 0.5x additional lens from 59 to 8.35.  The camera has one HDMI output that can be connected either to the attached screen or to an external HD screen

Two other USB ports accept the supplied 32 GB USB memory stick (up to 128 GB) and a supplied wireless mouse that drives the built-in on-screen software. The operator can also take and save images to the SD card by pressing on a capture button at the right side of microscope body

The built-in on-screen software is mouse driven and features functions such as Capture image, Freeze image, Automatic white balance, Automatic exposition, File manager, Grids and camera settings such as exposure time, gain, saturation, contrast, sharpness, HDR

Supplied with 32 GB memory stick, mouse, short HDMI cable for attached screen, external 100-240 Vac / 12Vdc / 3 A power supply