• Observation of all types of materials
  • Brightfield with polarization
  • Long working IOS plan achromatic objectives
  • Long working IOS plan semi apochromatic objectives
  • Revolving quintuple nosepiece
  • 50 W halogen Köhler illumination
  • Materials Science applications

Oxion Inverso (materials science)

MODELS LWD plan 5x/10x/20x objectives LWD plan apochromatic 50x objective LWD plan apochromatic 100x objective Mechanical stage  

LWD= long working distance

Pair of DIN HWF Plan 10x/22 mm eyepieces

Revolving quintuple nosepiece on ball-bearings


  • Trinocular 45° inclined tubes
  • One diopter adjustment on left eyepiece. Interpupillary distance of 54 to 75 mm.
  • Trinocular head with light path selector 100-0 / 0-100 


Infinity color corrected long working distance 5x/0.15, 10x/0.14, 20x/0.45 plan achromatic IOS objectives and plan semi apochromatic S50x/0.55 and S100x/0.80 IOS objectives. No cover glass correction 

All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light troughout

Large stage 250 x 230 mm equipped with a coaxial mechanical 120 x 78 mm X-Y stage,
delivered with: 
- metallic insert standard with Ø 12 mm diameter hole and Ø 25 mm diameter hole 
- metallic insert with hole for mechanical stage 

(Photo: Large stage with X-Y mechanical stage)

Coaxial 25 mm coarse and fine adjustments, 2 µm precision and with friction adjustment

Reflected Köhler 50 W halogen Intensity adjustable with internal 100-240 V power supply. Fuse holder 3.15 A / 250 V 

Standard polarization filter and 360° rotating analyzer

Blue and green filter mounted in slider, that can be inserted at the back of the illumination attachment. Polarization filter in slider, to be inserted under nosepiece  

Supplied with power cord, dust cover, blue and green filters and  user manual

OX.6010 OX.6010
Wide field eyepiece HWF 10x/22 mm
OX.6015 OX.6015
Wide field eyepiece HWF 15x/16 mm for Oxion Inverso inverted micrososcopes
OX.6110 OX.6110
Wide field eyepiece HWF 10x/22 mm with reticle for Oxion Inverso inverted micrososcopes
OX.6099 OX.6099
Pair of eyecups for Oxion Inverso inverted micrososcopes
AE.5120-2 AE.5120-2
Standard 23,2 mm tube for 31 mm diameter photo port of Oxion upright (revision 2) microscopes and for all Oxion Inverso inverted microscopes
AE.5130 AE.5130
Universal SLR-adapter with built-in 2x lens for standard 23.2 mm tube. Needs T2 adapter
AE.5025 AE.5025
T2 ring for Nikon D SLR-digital camera
AE.5040 AE.5040
T2 ring for Canon EOS SLR-digital camera
OX.9833 OX.9833
Photo port adapter with 0.33x lens for Oxion (revision 2) and Oxion Inverso microscopes and 1/3 inch camera with C-mount
OX.9850 OX.9850
Photo port adapter with 0.5x lens for Oxion (revision 2) and Oxion Inverso microscopes and 1/2 inch camera with C-mount
PB.5155 PB.5155
Microscope slides 76 x 26 mm, ground edges, 50 pieces per pack
PB.5165 PB.5165
Cover glasses 18 x 18 mm, 0.13-0.17 mm, 100 pieces
PB.5168 PB.5168
Cover glasses 22 x 22 mm, 0.13-0.17 mm. 100 pieces
PB.5274 PB.5274
Iso propyl alcohol 99%, 200 ml
PB.5275 PB.5275
Cleaning kit: lens fluid, lint free lens tissue paper, brush, air blower, cotton swabs
No image AE.5127
Standard 23.2 mm tube for Oxion (revision 1)
OX.9810 OX.9810
C-mount 1x photo adapter for Oxion (revision 2)
OX.8205 OX.8205
Plan achromatic PLM 5x/0,14 LWD IOS objective. Working distance 10,8 mm. No coverglass correction
OX.8210 OX.8210
Plan achromatic PLM 10x/0.25 LWD IOS objective. Working distance 12,2 mm. No coverglass correction
OX.8220 OX.8220
Plan achromatic PLM 20x/0.40 LWD IOS objective. Working distance 4 mm. No coverglass correction
OX.8250 OX.8250
Plan semi apochromatic PLM 50x/0.55 LWD IOS objective. Working distance 10,8 mm. No coverglass correction
OX.8200 OX.8200
Plan semi apochromatic PLM 100x/0.80 LWD IOS objective. Working distance 2,1 mm. No coverglass correction
No image OX.9509
Metal insert with 25 mm hole for Oxion Inverso Materials Science microscopes
No image OX.9710
Polarizer filter. Fits in filter holder of illumination attachment
No image OX.9712
Analyzer filter, 360° rotatable. Fits under nosepiece
No image SL.3679
Halogen spare bulb 12 V 50 W