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Development, production, assembling and inspection of electronic components or circuitry (Surface-mount electronic components)

MacroZoom MZ.4600 MacroZoom MZ.4600
  • MonoZoom stand-alone digital microscope
  • Optical zoom from 0.7x up to 5x
  • Magnification on screen from 2.5 up to 19x
  • 100 mm working distance
EduBlue EduBlue
  • Dual or triple magnifications
  • Binocular and trinocular models available
  • Provided with APL (Antimicrobial Protection Layer)
  • Quick focus scale
StereoBlue StereoBlue
  • Designed for professional use
  • Crisp, high resolution images
  • Dual magnifications or Zoom models
  • Provided with APL (Antimicrobial Protection Layer)
EduBlue digital EduBlue digital
  • Economical binocular models
  • Dual and triple magnification
  • Integrated digital USB-2 camera
  • Provided with APL (Antimicrobial Protection Layer)
NexiusZoom ESD NexiusZoom ESD
  • Binocular and trinocular heads
  • ESD safe microscopes
  • Combine objectives and stands
  • For the electronic industry
NexiusZoom (EVO) NexiusZoom (EVO)
  • Binocular and trinocular heads with HWF 10x/22 mm or HWF 10x/23 mm eyepieces (EVO)
  • Zoom ratio 1: 6.7, 6.7x to 45x or 1: 8.4, 6.5x to 55x
  • Ergonomic stands
  • Double 3 W LED illumination
MacroZoom MZ.4500 MacroZoom MZ.4500
  • Stand-alone
  • Zoom semi-apochromatic objective
  • Zoom up to 0.7x to 4.5x
  • C-mount with 0.4x objective
MacroZoom MZ.5000 MacroZoom MZ.5000
  • MonoZoom stand-alone digital microscope
  • Zoom from 0.7x up to 5x
  • 105 mm working distance
  • 110 mm working distance with 0.5x lens
AP series AP series
  • Binocular model
  • With vertical or 45° inclined tubes
  • Magnifications from 10-120x
  • Small and robust
iScope materials science (metallurgical) iScope materials science (metallurgical)
  • Trinocular model
  • EWF 10x/20 mm eyepieces
  • Reversed quintuple revolving nosepiece
  • Epi-NeoLED illumination
Oxion materials science Oxion materials science
  • Trinocular models
  • Reversed quintiple nosepiece
  • Transmitted NeoLED illumination
  • Reflected NeoLED illumination
EduBlue LCD EduBlue LCD
  • MonoZoom stand-alone digital microscope
  • Magnification 8x up to 51.4x optically and 8x up to 514x digitally
  • Built-in 21 LED incident ring light, five intensity positions
  • Provided with APL (Antimicrobial Protection Layer)