• MonoZoom stand-alone digital microscope
  • Optical zoom from 0.7x up to 5x
  • Magnification on screen from 2.5 up to 19x
  • 100 mm working distance
  • Built-in 1080p 2 MP HD camera
  • Built-in mouse driven on-screen software
  • Measurement function on screen
  • .jpg or .bmp saved images
  • .mp4 video recording up to max 2 hrs
  • Removable 32 GB memory stick
  • Metal stand
  • 2 years warranty

Digital MacroZoom 4600 series

Models Macrozoom
0.7 to 5x
Flat stand without
Stand with Gooseneck 2W
LED illumination
Transmitted 3W illumination  


The Digital MacroZoom EMZ-46000 features a single zoom objective with a 0.7 to 5x zoom magnification. Zoom adjustment engravings on 0.7, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5x. The working distance is 100 mm. An optional 3D attachment enables a 45° angle observation

• Standard pillar stand that sits on a large 320 x 260 mm metal stand
• Travel range is 50 mm, max. object height 22 cm
• The MacroZoom objective can also be mounted in the NexiusZoom

An external (not supplied) illumination system should be used, such as:
• LED ring lights ELE-1973 or ELE-1974 
• LED illumination station ELE-5212 or ELE-5207 which can be mounted under the MacroZoom body

Built-in HD 1080p high definition 2 MP 1/2.8” CMOS high speed camera, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 2.9 µm  x 2.9 µm pixels and 60 images per seconds. Magnification on screen from 2.5x up to 19x with field of view from 210 x 120 mm up to 27 x 15 mm based on a 24 inch HD screen. The camera has one HDMI output that needs to be connected to an external HD screen (not supplied). Two USB ports accept the supplied 32 GB USB memory stick (up to 64 GB) and a supplied wireless mouse that drives the built-in on-screen software. The operator can take .jpg or .bmp images and .mp4 video’s and save them to an external supplied memory stick 

The built-in on-screen software (only English language) is mouse driven and features functions such as capture or record images, automatic or manual white balance, color adjustments, file manager, grids, flip/mirror, freese image, WDR (white dark regulation), crosshair and crosslines, text annotations. Camera settings such as automatic or manual exposition time, gain, brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, digital 1-6x zoom are availabELE-  Measurement functions are also available from the software such as line, polygon circle, rectangle, angle, arc. Images are saved in .jpg or .bmp format and video in .mp4 videos format

Supplied with 32 GB memory stick, mouse, HDMI cable for HD screen, external 100-240 Vac / 12Vdc / 3A power supply. Digital MacroZoom body (EMZ-4605). Standard stand with pillar and head holder, if ordered (EMZ-4610)

Order product references:
MacroZoom body with standard stand

MacroZoom body with NexiusZoom stand (NZ.9018)

MacroZoom body alone

Standard* stand for MZ body EMZ-4605

3D attachment for observation under 45° angle* 



View from above and from a 45° angle

Additional 0.5x lens working distance xx mm

Optional light sources:

Ring light with 144 LEDs with adjustable light intensity. External power supply 100-240. Vac / 12 Vdc (50/60 Hz). With segment controller. Luminous flux of 23,000 Lux and color temperature of 6500 K

Ring light with 72 LEDs with adjustable light intensity. External power supply 110-240 Vac / 12 Vdc (50/60 Hz). With segment controller. Luminous flux of 20,000 Lux and color temperature of 6500 K

Light source with 2x 3W LED light source mounted on two self-sustaining Gooseneck-type 56 cm long guide. Luminous flux 25.000 Lux, 6500K

Multiple light source station with two self-sustaining gooseneck-type 56 cm long guides with 2x 3 Watt white 6500 K power LEDs,  each with a 3-lens focusing heads 60 LEDs ring light, 6.500 K, 24.000 Lux transmitted 42 LEDs light stage, 6.500 K, 8.000 Lux. Stage diameter 94.5 mm, 15 mm thick 

LE.1973 ELE-1973
Ring illuminator with 144 LEDs with adjustable light intensity. External power supply 100-240 Vac / 12 Vdc (50/60 Hz). With segment controller. Brightness of 23.000 Lux at 100 mm distance and color temperature of 6500 K. Mounting for stereo head with diameter from 25 to 61 mm