• Bench-top instrument
  • Substance indentification
  • For determination solid samples
  • Brix and RI units

Abbe laboratory refractometer

MODEL Range Accuracy (Brix) Remarks ATC Table model  
E98‑490 0 - 95 Brix 0.01 Without light source
E 1.300-1.700 R.I. 0.0002 E E E  


  • • The Abbe laboratory refractometer is a bench-top instrument for high-precision measurements of an index of refraction
  • Abbe refractometers are more accurate than hand refractometers
  • Capable of measuring all kinds of concentrations and identifying several types of substances
  • The instrument is supplied with a digital thermometer and water connection to control fluid temperatures
  • Equipped with a Brix and a refraction index scale and supplied with a test plate
  • The use of a cold light source like the ELE-5209 is recommended for this type of refractometer
  • Delivered with carrying case, thermometer 0-50° Celsius, calibration plate with 0.5 ml calibration liquid (EFR-5384) and adjusting tool


digital thermometer

Suitable for determination of the refractive index of solid samples, such as glass, plastics, and polymer films 

Delivered with carrying case, digital thermometer 0- 
50° Celsius, calibration plate and adjusting tool 


SL.5208 ESL-5208
Halogen Spare bulb 12V 20W GU4 Nominal 4000 hrs. For ELE-5209
98.492 E98-492
Analog thermometer 0-50°C. Only for Abbe refractometers originally equipped with an analog thermometer
98.493 E98-493
Digital thermometer 0-50°C. Only for Abbe refractometers originally equipped with a digital thermometer
98.496 E98-496
Calibration slide nD 1.5163
LE.5209 ELE-5209
Euromex cold light illuminator 20 W with light conductor