• Life science applications
  • Observation of fluorescence in tissues and cells
  • Brightfield, phase contrast fluorescence observations
  • DIC (differential interference contrast)
  • Long working distance IOS plan semi-apochromatic Fluarex achromatic objectives
  • Revolving sextuple nosepiece
  • 5 W LED or 100 W halogen transmitted illumination
  • 100 W HBO mercury vapor fluorescence illumination
  • Backwards tilting condenser arm
  • Easy placement of large objects

MODELS 10x/20x/40x PLPHFi objectives 100 W Halogen illumination 5 W LED illumination 100 W HBO fluorescence illumination  

Pair of DIN HWF plan 10x/25 mm or 10x/22 mm eyepieces with diopter adjustment

Trinocular 45° inclined tubes. Interpupillary distance of 47 to 78 mm. Trinocular head with 100-0, 80/20 and 0/100 positions

Revolving sextuple nosepiece on ball-bearings. The nosepiece can be equipped with DIC prisms for the 10x/20x and 40x objectives

High numerical infinity semi-apochromatic long working distance plan phase Fluarex PLPHFi 10x/0.30, 20x/0.45, S40x/0.60 IOS objectives enable the sub-cellular structures. An optional 60x/0.80 IOS objective is also available. The 20x, S40x and optional S60 objectives are equipped with collar adjustment ring for glass thicknesses from 0 to 1.2 mm

Fluarex™ objectives are made of low-absorption glass. Fluarex™ is a trademark of Euromex microscopen bv. All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput

Stage 340 x 230 mm, equipped with a coaxial mechanical 130 x 85 mm X-Y stage. Supplied with:
•  Metal insert for O 38 mm cell culture dish
•  Metal insert for O 54 mm cell culture dish or 76 x 26 mm slides 
•  Metal insert for Multiwell plates (127.76  x 85.48 mm) 
•  Metal insert for Teraski plates (83.3 x 58.0 mm)
• Optional universal cell culture holder

Rotating N.A. 0.55 condenser with iris diaphragm. Working distance 26 mm. Supplied with phase contrast annuli for 10x/20x, 40x and 60x objectives and the DIC prisms for the 10x/20x/40x and 60x objectives. Three filter holders allow the insertion of Ø 38 mm filters in the optical path. The arm with condenser can be tilted backwards for convenient access to the stage. This allows easy placement of large objects like flasks and Petri dishes

A lens changer with a 1.5x lens allow intermediary magnifications of 1.5 times the standard objective magnifications. Switching from 20x to 30x or 40 to 60 and from 60x to 90x magnification can be done without the need to re-focus on the sample


6-Position fluorescence filter set wheel and 1.5 lens changer

The Delphi-X Inverso for fluorescence microscopy is supplied with a 6-position fluorescence filter set wheel and comes with two fluorescence filter sets for blue and green excitation (EDI-9745 and EDI-9746). Other filter sets are optional


EDI-9745 Blue excitation, EX 460-495 DM 505 EM 510 long pass



EDI-9746 Green excitation, EX 510-550 DM 570 EM 575 long pass


EDI-9747 Violet excitation, EX 400-410 DM 455 EM 460 Long pass


EDI-9748 Ultra violet excitation, EX 330-385 DM 410 EM 420 Long pass


EDI-9750.TRITC Green excitation, EX 528-553 DM 565 EM 578-633 band pass


EDI-9750.FITC Blue excitation, EX 460-495 DM 505 EM 510-550 band pass


EDI-9750.DAPI UV excitation, EX 360-390 DM 415 EM 435-485 band pass


EDI-9750.R Red excitation, EX 620-650 DM 660 EM 670-750 band pass

Coaxial 10 mm coarse and fine adjustments, 1 μm precision and with friction adjustment

Fluorescence illumination with a 100 W mercury vapor lamp with external 100-240 V power supply. Transmitted 5 W LED or 100 W halogen illumination and internal power supply. Fuse holder 3.15 A / 250 V

Supplied with metal insert for Ø 38 mm cell culture dish and a metal insert for Ø 54 mm cell culture dish with 76 x 26 mm slides, metal insert for Multiwell plates, metal insert  for Teraski plates, blue and green interference Ø 45 mm filters, power cord, dust cover, green filter and alignment telescope and user manual

PB.5245 EPB-5245
Lens cleaning paper, 100 sheets per pack
PB.5274 EPB-5274
Iso propyl alcohol 99%, 200 ml
PB.5275 EPB-5275
Cleaning kit: lens fluid, lint free lens tissue paper, brush, air blower, cotton swabs