• 6-PC Dissection kit
  • Superior quality
  • Supplied with plastic case
  • All our instruments are made from stainless steel

MODELS Dissection kit for Number of pieces Complete with Supplied with  
EPB‑5111 all branches 6 dissecting needle straight (PB.5050) plastic case  
E E E dissecting needle lancet-shaped (PB.5054) E  
E E E dissecting forceps (PB.5067) E  
E E E dissecting scissors (PB.5084) E  
E E E scalpel handle no. 4 (PB.5094) E  
E E E blades (PB.5096) E  

Kit with dissecting needle straight (EPB-5050), dissecting needle lancet-shaped (EPB-5054), dissecting forceps (EPB-5067), dissecting scissors (EPB-5084), scalpel handle no. 4 (EPB-5094) and blades (EPB-5096). All our superior quality instruments are made from stainless steel. Supplied with plastic case