• For hobby and education
  • Plastic or glass lens
  • Magnification 4 - 15 x
  • Field of view 19 - 30 mm

Stand magnifiers

MODELS Magnification Lens Lens material Lens size Field of view Measuring scale  
EPB‑5039 15x Achromatic Glass Ø 19 mm 15 mm -
EPB‑5040 8x Plastic Ø 23 mm 30 mm 10 mm / 100 reticle
EPB‑5041 10x Glass Ø 26 mm 25 mm -
EPB‑5043 4x Plastic Ø 57 mm 55 mm -

Stand or table magnifiers are easily-to-use magnifiers that stay upon a tabletop
The maginfiers are made from either glass or plstic lenses

EPB-5039 Table magnifier, 15x magnification.
Glass achromatic lens Ø 19 mm. Field of view 15 mm

Table magnifier, 8x magnification. Plastic lens Ø 23 mm. 
Field of view 30 mm. 10mm/100 reticle 

Table magnifier, 10x magnification. 
Glass lens Ø 26 mm. Field of view 25 mm

Table magnifier, 4x magnification.
Plastic lens Ø 57 mm. Field of view 55 mm

An achromatic lens or achromat - like the EPB-5039 - is designed to limit the effects of chromatic and spherical aberration. Achromatic lenses are corrected to bring two wavelengths into focus in the same plane

The achromatic triplet, which is composed of three individual lenses made from glasses with different amounts of dispersion. The lens elements are mounted next to each other and provides the ultimate in distortion-free, color-correct viewing. The triple lens system is made up of two concave meniscus elements cemented to a double convex lens


(Illustration: achromatic lens triplet)