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Frequently asked questions

• Where can I buy Euromex microscopes and other optical instruments?
We sell our Euromex Q-scope products through resellers all over the world. Please contact us! We are happy to introduce you to our authorized reseller near you

• How do I choose the right microscope?
Euromex offers a large range of microscope series and selecting the right microscope for your application might be challenging and time consuming. To simplify this process we have made three easy steps to help you find the right microscope for your specific application. Find your product in the branche, product or application menu above and select. A list of recommended models for most common applications in education, laboratories and industry can simplify your selection.

When you need more help please send us a message and our team will assist you

• What is the warranty period on Euromex microscopes?
A standard 12 months warranty applies on our products, except on optical and mechancial parts of Euromex microscopes on which extended warranty periods of 3, 5 or 10 years applies
On digital cameras, electronic and electrical parts of illuminations of microscopes a 2 years warranty is applicable

• How long will spare parts for my Euromex microscope be available?
Euromex strives to keep spare parts for all microscopes on stock for a period of 20 years

• I want to use the ImageFocus software with a camera. Do I have to purchase the software separately?
The ImageFocus software is delivered for free with each camera. Free updates are available on this page or this website (Euromex > Product page > Downloads).

• Which software do I need for my camera?

Model DC.1300c / DC.3000c / DC.5000c / DC.3000p / DC.5000p  (USB-2 models) 
  ImageFocus 4 Software  (Windows)   
→  ImageFocus 4 Lite Software  (Mac)
→  Twain driver   (Windows)

Model DC.3000-Pro / DC.5000-Pro /  DC.10000-Pro / DC.18000-Pro  (USB-3 models)  
→  ImageFocus Alpha Software  (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Model DC.1300s / DC.3000s  (USB-2 Scientific grade models, white case versions) 
→   ImageFocus 4 Software  (Windows) 
→   ImageFocus 4 Lite Software  (Mac)

Model DC.3000s / DC.6000s / DC.20000s  (USB-3 Scientific grade models, silver case versions) 
→   ImageFocus Alpha Software  (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Model DC.5000i  (Peltier cooled camera) 
   ImageFocus 4 Software  (Windows)
→   ImageFocus 4 Lite Software  (Mac)

Model DC.5000-WIFI  (for WiFi enabled devices)
→   ImageFocus Alpha Software  (Windows, Mac and Linux)
→   The App for Android devices ImageFocus Alpha App  is available from PlayStore
→   The App for iOS is only available from AppleStore

Model VC.3036/ VC.3031  (High Definition models) 
 ImageFocus 4 Software  (Windows) 

Model DC.1300x / DC.5000  (USB-2 models) 
 ImageFocus 3 Software  (WIndows XP)

Model VC analog camera with VC.5491 video grabber 
→  Grabbee X    (Windows XP)

Model VC analog camera with VC.5490 video grabber  
Grabbee 3    (Windows XP)

• How can I login?

The login information is only available for official Euromex distributors and agents. To get personal login information please contact your Euromex Area Sales Manager. You will receive a username and password that gives you access to the current price lists (including your conditions), manuals and photos

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If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your Euromex Area Sales manager at any time